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For all of our services we advise you to come comfortably dressed (i.e cotton undergarments) as we want to provide the most relaxing environment. We also ask our clients not to wear any products (i.e. makeup) prior to treatment in the specified areas where treatment will be given. While we do cleanse the area very well prior to treatments to ensure there is no residue that may negatively impact treatment there is still potential for any excess residue to impact your treatments, therefore it's extremely helpful if you try your best to adhere to the suggestions provided.



  • If you have been shaving, please allow your hair to grow out 2 wks. Hair should be ¼ of an inch long (size of grain of rice) for the most comfortable service.

  • For your comfort lease do not try to trim prior to service if needed your esthetician will assist you.

  • Exfoliation of your choice is recommended 48 hrs prior to waxing.

  • If permitted by your doctor you may take an anti-inflammatory 45 mins before your appointment.



Please let your esthetician know about any prescribed medications as there may be services that require you to stop the use prior to treatment.


Body sculpting 

Please drink plenty of water and refrain from eating 2 hrs prior. We need our clients to be well rested and hydrated to allow for the most comfort and ease of these treatments.

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